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About Us

Keep Cool and Celebrate You!

The Pride Fans® brand was inspired in 2012 during an annual friends trip to Andalucía, Spain, where expressing yourself with a folding hand fan is a cultural norm. One morning while recounting an epic night of the trip—which involved hours of fan snapping and dancing—an idea was born to create a festive hand fan for LGBTQ pride events. We wanted to make something that would resonate with the celebration, the event goer, and the community—and so the Pride Fan™ was born.

In 2013, we made our debut at several gay pride events in Florida with an uplifting fanfare that took off. Pride Fans can be found at international LGBTQ+ Pride events, arts & music festivals, and purchased online 

Based in Orlando, FL, Pride Fans was founded on the principle of believing in yourself, celebrating who you are, and reaching back to help others move forward. Thanks to fans like you, together we support and stand in solidarity with the amazing people and organizations standing up for equal human rights for all—all while keeping you cool at the hottest events! 

Pride Fans brand is a U.S registered trademark. All rights reserved.


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